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Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB) for ARF Administrators

17.96 | MAB ARF

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This four-hour online course is designed to meet the requirements toward the recertification of Adult Residential Facilities (ARF) administrators.

Persons who work in the healthcare industry are at risk for assaultive events as clients and staff have high risk stressors. In California, AB 508 is a law that requires all hospitals and healthcare facilities to conduct a security and safety assessment plan to protect personnel, clients, and visitors. All hospitals, healthcare facilities and residential care facilities are required to report any assault or battery to local law enforcement within 72 hours. All employees assigned to the emergency department will receive training on how to handle emergency room violence.

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Price: $17.96


Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB)


Preventing assaultive events before they occur is the key and verbal de-escalation techniques may help in preventing injury to the client or yourself. This course emphasizes verbal strategies and does cover aspects of hands-on techniques to prevent harm.


  • Topic 1 - Introduction (5 minutes)
  • Topic 2 - Perceived Threat (20 minutes)
  • Topic 3 - Helping the Situation (5 minutes)
  • Topic 4 - Why People Lose Control (25 minutes)
  • Topic 5 - Dynamics of a Successful Negotiation, Trigger Words (15 minutes)
  • Topic 6 - The Elements of Crisis (5 minutes)
  • Topic 7 - Controlling Behavior vs. De-Escalation (20 minutes)
  • Topic 8 - Types of Communication (25 minutes)
  • Topic 9 - Strategies to Ensure a Clear Message (15 minutes)
  • Topic 10 - Effective Listening (5 minutes)
  • Topic 11 - Being a Good Speaker (15 minutes)
  • Topic 12 - Ten Guidelines for Avoiding Assault (15 minutes)
  • Topic 13 - Case Study 1 (15 minutes)
  • Topic 14 - Case Study 2 Situation Escalates (5 minutes)
  • Topic 15 - Case Study 3 Aggression Escalates (5 minutes)
  • Topic 16 - Case Study Conclusion (5 minutes)
  • Topic 17 - Course Conclusion (5 minutes)

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  • Online Course
  • 17.96
  • 6 hours includes study guide
  • Certification upon completion

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